Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® Wiper Blades

Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge (Premium Beam) WIper Blade

Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® Wiper Blades

October 29th, 2020

Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® was designed with the wiper blade consumer in mind. Qualitative focus group research provided insights to the top features and benefits desired in a wiper blade; consumers want it to be durable and long-lasting while consistently performing in a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions. From the icy cold winters in the […]

Rain-X Quantum (Premium Beam) WIper Blade

Rain-X® Quantum® Wiper Blades

July 28th, 2014

The Rain-X® Quantum® Wiper Blade has breakthrough technology that applies water repelling coating as you wipe your windshield and has a unique blade change indicator to remind you when to change your blades.


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